Broad and in-depth experience was gained from working as a translator/interpreter/paralegal in a legal office in an international environment.
Fields included, but were not limited to, criminal law, torts, succession, contract law, military law, international agreements, environmental law, insurance, reports of different kinds including medical, and personnel matters.
Handling of claims entailed translating and interpreting work with air/sea/land accidents and incidents, and also included complicated technical reports of different kinds.
A good basis for freelance work was created by the above.

More experience in other fields such as business (including annual reports and accounts/auditing was gained through working as a freelance, and during one year as a translator and branch manager of a translation agency, where the assignments were many and varied.

Considerable experience has been built up since 1994 with regard to translation of different types of certificates.

Selected projects 1987-2015

  • Translation of book “Complex” – Computers in the Social Security – System in Norway, Norwegian Research Center for Computers and Law, UiO
  • Translation of several publications written by the former Judge Advocate General. One of the articles which discussed jurisdiction was published in the Journal for The International Society of Military Law nd Law of War
  • Proofreading of a book on Labour Law in Norway, UiO
  • Translation from English to Norwegian of a thesis on cross-border environmental protection, UiO
  • Translation Norwegian-English, English-Norwegian of human rights reports on refugees, UiO
  • Translation of a Handbook of Law of War, Judge Advocate General, Oslo
  • Textbook  «Ice Navigation», Ålesund University College,  2011
  • Textbook «Elektronic and Acoustic Navigasjon», Ålesund University College, 2015